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John Dorn Announces Run
John Dorn is looking to join Summerland Council. The small business owner believes that his experience with local clubs for the last eight years has given him the experience he needs. Dorn believes that the current Council is ignoring the ... Read More...

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Suzanne Clement on her mysterious character in Xavier Dolan's 'Mommy'

TORONTO - Suzanne Clement first met Xavier Dolan when he was 17 — an "ambitious, intelligent, hyperactive" young director who wanted to make a film called "J'ai tue ma mere" ("I Killed My Mother").



Baldwin hopes to spark Whalers nostalgia by writing 'Slim and None' book

When producer Howard Baldwin's film "Ray" was up for an Academy Award, the former Hartford Whalers owner spent his night at the Oscars sitting next to Adam Sandler. When the actor asked about his WHA championship ring, Baldwin said it would take a book to tell his whole story.


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